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Customer Questions for Christmas Tree
Resolved Question: About the Christmas tree angels in the stores??
have you ever known any to receive the presents.. I did it one year took a angel off the tree.. a little boy in remberence of my twin sons who died.. and got a child a gift.. but i wonder if the children do get those gift.. and if they do i would like to continue doing that.. i do not ever visit the grave.. maybe 3 times in 17 yr.. to painful.. but getting something for a living child. .even thought they are not mine.. kinda of help me a bit.. your thoughts,.

Resolved Question: Has any one ever had a problem with the Christmas Tree Shop store?
When you shop or when you worked there?

Resolved Question: Best way to store an artificial christmas tree?
Hi! We just had a flood in our basement and the huge cardboard box we were keeping our fake tree in got soaked. I'm looking for a good container idea (and where to get it). It needs to be stackable (limited space) and durable... preferably water proof ;) We haven't had any luck with Lowes or Home Depot in the last couple of years. For some reason, they don't seem to sell the really massive containers that you need for an 8ft tree... even in pieces.

Resolved Question: Charity christmas tree in stores?
r these people on the tree getting the auctal thing or its it a scam or what i did it 1 once but i was unsure whats going on here i see it every year 1 christmas tree with name tags but it doesnt have a xmas list on what they want which it should have its more about gifts now then jesus birthday so iam just wondering what do u reackon about this ??

Resolved Question: What is the best bag to store a Christmas tree?
I stored my plastic christmas tree in it's cardboard box in the garage over the summer. We were just cleaning out our garage and found out that mice and bugs got into it. I don't want this to happen again and so I'm looking for a bag that till keep all those critters out. Any ideas?

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