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Customer Questions for Computers
Resolved Question: Computer store?

Resolved Question: Options other then my local computer stores.?
I just recently took my Acer Aspire slimline pc(model number AX1420G-U5832) and gutted it and put into a much bigger tower. The only thing i didn't keep out of the slimline was the Power Supply cause they tend to be the first thing to go in those PCs anyway. I put in a Hec HP 400d power supply. In total i got twice the amount of power i need to actually run my PC. So i went and bought a EVGA Geforce GTX 260 Graphics Card to put into it. I then went and checked around my local PC stores to make sure it will actually work(should have actually done this step before i bought the card lol), and they all said it would be fine since i probably won't be using but about 90% of the capacity of the power supply. But i wanted to ask other opinions as well cause I'm getting good and bad reviews on the power supply and no one will say why its bad or good. My System Specs are Hec HP 400d power supply AMD Athlon II X4 645 processor 3.10 GHz (uses 95w) 6gb Ram 1TB hard drive DVD +/-RW Drive EVGA Geforce GTX 260 Graphics Card(Uses at max 182w) Only thing i plan to do use the PC for is the internet and playing Guild Wars 2. So will this PC work for what I'm Going to use it for? Jon's answer says all the watts add up and go over what i have but my math says otherwise so i want to make sure. Processor and mobo uses 95w and the graphics card uses 182w which leaves 123w. I don't care for the fans that you hook to your pc so i always disconnect them. I open the side of the tower and have a nice 8" personal metal fan blowing into the tower(Provides way better air flow then those little ones). all that is left is my DVD and Hard Drive which im almost 100% positive doesn't amount to 123w. After playing Guild wars 2 if this system will play that i don't ever plan to upgrade it.

Resolved Question: Whats the best computer store?

Resolved Question: Need to Reformat - screwed by computer store?
There's a local computer store that sells computers really cheap. Naive as it sounds -- I purchased a computer there almost a year ago and got NO cds with it for the OS program or anything else. I need to reformat my hard drive and now don't have a cd for the OS program -- is there any way to fix it? Also - does anyone know if they were required by law to give me a cd? I called them and they want to charge me for a whole new OS! I have a dell latitude D800 laptop with Microsoft xp OS also, I thought of doing system restore... but it will only let me go back to june and I've had the computer almost a year. I would really like to just wipe the hard drive and start fresh. The WHOLE computer is performing badly. I've tried Registry Cleaners - Malware & Spyware Scans - and Antivirus Scans -- this is my last resort!

Resolved Question: Computers Store?
I have open up a computer store which I buy and sell PCs I was wondering if there is anyplace where I could get free mouse pads for my customers or anything else which way should I advertise thank you

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Tiger Direct

Liebert MultiLink (v. 3.0) License - 100 Users - Linux Win NW AIX HP-UX (MLLKG)
Tiger Direct

Liebert MultiLink - ( v. 3.0 ) - license - 10 users - Linux Win NW AIX HP-UX Solaris (MLLKC)
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Canon Computers Systems 6882A003AA Color Ink Tank
Canon Computers Systems 6882A003AA Color Ink Tank
  • BCI-24C Color Ink Tank: For use in the S200 and S300.
  • Print Technology: Inkjet.
  • Print Color: Yellow Cyan Magenta.
  • Package Type: Retail.

  • Canon Computers Systems Color Ink Tank 1511B002
    Canon Computers Systems Color Ink Tank 1511B002
  • Print Technology: Inkjet.
  • Compatibility: Canon PIXMA mini260 Printers.
  • Recycled: No.
  • Recycled: Content: 0%.
  • Post-consumer-waste%: 0%.

  • Canon Computers Systems 0626B002 Red Ink Tank
    Canon Computers Systems 0626B002 Red Ink Tank
    Convenient ordering and recycling of cartridges. High-quality documents with sharp contours smooth color transitions and uniform filling is an ordinary for Canon 0626B002. Quick easy and highly productive printing. Take advantage of with the high quality of customer service and reduced administration costs Canon 0626B002 provides. The implemented technologies of this model guarantee an extremely precise printing text and graphics. Consistent reliable trouble-free printing. The product due to precise interaction of components guarantees a consistently reliable performance. Be comfortable with consistently high quality results that help you save time and money.
  • Color: Red.
  • Print technology: Inkjet.
  • Maximum yield: 450 pages (with 5% average coverage).
  • Package dimensions: 5.5 x 3.8 x 1.1.

  • Premium Power Products Battery for Asus Computers
    Premium Power Products Battery for Asus Computers
    eReplacements Premium Power Products Battery for Asus Computers (A32-A8-ER)
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    Mack Worldwide Warranty 1433 3 Year Computers Computers On Site Under Dollar 5000
    Mack Worldwide Warranty 1433 3 Year Computers Computers On Site Under Dollar 5000

    The product covered by this service contract is guaranteed to operate according to manufacturer's specifications for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Mack Camera & Video Service Inc. shall repair service or replace same to operate properly.

    • Covers Parts & Labor
    • No Deductibles
    • Toll Free Support
    • Online Support
    • Lemon Protection
    • Fully Insured
    • On-Site Service
    • Only valid within the USA
    • Transferable
    • Length of Service Contact - 3 Year (The warranty starts at the date of purchase)

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