Customer Questions for Edenpure
Resolved Question: What stores sell Edenpure Heaters?
Local stores, not online please! Thank you for your time!

Resolved Question: What stores sell EdenPure heaters?

Resolved Question: Can I buy a Edenpure heater in a store?

Resolved Question: Stores that sell EdenPURE heaters in Mpls/St.Paul?
I want to know where I can buy EdenPURE heaters in Mpls/St.Paul area?

Resolved Question: Is it safe to sleep with an edenpure heater on?
O just bough a small edenpure heater because our furnace just randomly shuts off and o want something as a back up. When our furnace is working fine I plan on putting it in our back bedroom because it doesn't stay as warm in there as the rest of the house. Would it be safe to leave it on at night? Didn't spend $300 on it!! I have kids that's why I wanted one that doesn't get hot on the outside

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