Customer Questions for Henredon
Resolved Question: Antique Henredon dining room table?
My grandmother has passed and I've been tasked with selling her dining room table. It was purchased around 1975 and the brand is Henredon. I havent measured it yet but it looks to be about 8 feet long and is in four sections (I'm not sure how many leafs that is). There are no chairs and it looks like the table surface may need light refinishing. It is a nice dark wood and has a border hanging down under the table about 4 inches low. Where can I find out what this is worth? Should I try to sell it to an antique store or is this just a regular old' piece of furniture? Please help!

Resolved Question: Which USA furniture stores are the best?
A friend of mine is moving to the US with her partner and she needs to know all about the furniture stores. Which are the best? They are moving to Florida :).

Resolved Question: Where can I buy St Regis Canopy Bedroom set by Henredon in Chicago Suburbs?
Picture of this bed is on Furniture Fashion Website.http://www.furniturestoreblog.com/2008/03/09/st_regis_canopy_bed_by_henredon_is_a_destine_classic.html

Resolved Question: What is the finest large furniture store in The States?

Resolved Question: Looking for very cheap furniture store in greater DC area - not Ikea - thanks!?

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