Customer Questions for Lighting
Resolved Question: Can light be stored in a cube?
I was having a thought. Lets say I took 6 mirrors that where all the same shape and size squared. Essentually building a cube with them, except before sealing the top side, I place a tiny lit birthday candle in side. Given that this candel will only burn a few minutes. Either because of air running out or the size of the candle. If we were to come back to the cube (say an hour later), cut off all the lights, and break the cube. Will a flash of light be seen in the dark room?

Resolved Question: Please give advices to an online lighting store?
Hi....I set up an online store to sell modern design home lighting, Please please give some advices. many thanks... email:

Resolved Question: Can energy in the form of light be stored in a "container"?
I know that photons have 0 mass, but is there some way that light can be "frozen" or stored? I know that light cannot be stored in a cannister of mirrors due to the fact that all the light would eventually convert into heat.

Resolved Question: Is there a lighting store online that shows me how many lumens the light fixture provides on line?
I'm trying to figure out which light fixture to get to provide the needed lighting in the home but I don't know where to look to see how many lumen the fixture provides. I'm looking for how many lumens the fixture itself provides with light bulbs in it and not individual the light bulbs. I hope I explained it right.

Resolved Question: Is lighting in stores how people actually look in person?
Everytime I go into a clothing store at the mall or something I look freaking hideous and ugly my ends of my hair are cut kind of straight across and it looks so hideous In mall mirrors my ends look super blunt and disgusting it makes me want to hide in a hole forever and just die

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Blizzard Lighting HOTSTIKEXA Led Lighting
Blizzard Lighting HOTSTIKEXA Led Lighting
  • RGBAW + UV color mixing via 12x 15W 6 in.-1 LEDs.
  • Variable electronic dimming and strobe.
  • Built in. color and chase macros via DMX.
  • Built in. automated programs via Master/Slave.
  • RGBAW + UV color mixing ability in Stand-alone mode.
  • 3-Pin male input and 3-pin female output.
  • User selectable 3 6 8 10 11-channel DMX modes.
  • Able to directly power the wiCICLE wireless system via DMX.
  • Easy to use LED control panel.
  • Power Con compatible AC power In/Out connectors.

Eliminator Lighting MIRAGELED Eliminator Lighting Mirage Led Lighting
Eliminator Lighting MIRAGELED Eliminator Lighting Mirage Led Lighting

The Mirage LED is a dual rotating mirror moon flower LED fixture that packs a punch without compromising portability and flexibility to its installation options anywhere its mounted you can rest assure you'll get a wide angle beam spread that can cover the entire dance floor. The Mirage LED is equipped with 8x 5 watt 5mm LEDs for a power consumption of 40W. This fixture offers 3 operating modes - Sound Active Auto Mode and DMX 512. It can also be run Stand Alone or in Master/Slave Configuration. The Mirage LED also comes with a lineup of already programmed light shows - Best part of all you can link multiple Mirage LED fixtures to create the ultimate moon flower light show. not only that but it also offers the option to daisy chain IEC power in/out to share power source


We provide our clients with the latest computer and surveillance technology at affordable prices and is supported by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable services. We provide all type of necessaries to build powerful complete systems for any need. Our products are named for its Capacity to with stand the situation with high standard durable and stable for daily using devices.

  • Enhance your HDTV experience
  • The easy affordable way to enhance your HDTV
  • Designed for your entertainment space
  • Reduce eye fatigue
  • Increase viewing hours
  • Enhance color definition
  • HDTV up to 60 in size placed against light colored wall
  • USB port or powered USB hub
  • USB Cable Length: 51.2 / 1300.0 mm
  • LED Light Strip Length: 55.1 / 1400.0 mm (22 LEDs)

Eliminator Lighting E133 Black Lighting Tripod Stand
Eliminator Lighting E133 Black Lighting Tripod Stand
  • Comfortable top carry handle.
  • Padded back for more comfort.
  • Padded contoured and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Side zippered pockets.
  • Organizer in front zippered pocket.
  • Maximum Height: 12ft.
  • Maximum Weight Load: 60lbs.
  • Double T-Bars.
  • Dimensions: 6H x 7W x 54D.

  • Eliminator Lighting ELIMFLASH192 Flash 192 LED Lighting
    Eliminator Lighting ELIMFLASH192 Flash 192 LED Lighting
    • Flash strobe panel.
    • 192 ultra-bright high-end white LEDs.
    • 4 channel modes.
    • Modes include DMX Master/Slave Auto & Sound Active.
    • 3-pin XLR & IEC in & out connections to daisy chain with multiple Flash 192s.
    • 15W power consumption.
    • Lightweight slim design for easy transport.
    • Low heat.
    • No duty cycle.
    • Dimension - 7.87 x 7.87 x 11.02 in.

    TechSmart Lighting Control Module
    TechSmart Lighting Control Module
    TechSmart parts are designed to provide today s professional service technician with new technology, new categories, and problem solving improvements to the original. Each and every TechSmart part benefits from 90+ years of SMP experience, providing a proven quality you can trust. When the OE fails, think TechSmart.

    774447 Lodge Branch Lighting
    774447 Lodge Branch Lighting
    Lodge Branch Lighting Large

    670312 Edgewood Lighting
    670312 Edgewood Lighting
    Edgewood Lighting Tray