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Resolved Question: Where is their a store strictly for gas pressure washer?
In Orange county California?

Resolved Question: What means psi for Pressure Washer?
Pressure Washer

Resolved Question: What pressure washer would be good?
i need a pressure washer for auto detailing and cleaning sidewalks and stuff. I also need some good 300 gallon water storage tanks.

Resolved Question: Do I need a pressure washer?
After moving in to my new house, it needs a good clean, especially the driveway and patio. There's moss everywhere but I don't have the time to scrape it all off. Is a pressure washer good for these things?

Resolved Question: Pressure washer connected to shower?
I am a screenprinter, and I bought a a pressure washer (1750 PSI Campbell Hausfeld) to clean my screens in the bathtub. However, there is no garden hose faucet in my 3rd floor rental apartment. Is it safe to hook up the washer to my residential supply, AKA my shower? I have an adapter that connects a garden hose to a shower fixture, but I'm not sure if this would mess up my water heater or what. I don't need the water to be hot. Hey, thanks for the answers so far! Ok, so I measured my GPM, which was 3 gallons/minute. I also noticed that there was some sputtering, i.e. very brief dips in flow rate, every couple seconds, but this was barely noticeable. I tried connecting the electric power washer to the shower through a 15 ft. garden hose. Every time I pull the trigger the lights in my house dim significantly (Its a 1600 W machine), and a very powerful spray comes out, but in a big cloud instead of a fan or jet. The shape of the cloud is not dependent on how I adjust the nozzle. After about 10 seconds of continuous spraying, the power washer really seemed to be struggling, and the RPMs on the motor started getting fearful, and so I shut the thing off quickly and hid - Help! I don't know if its a problem with the flow rate, or with the electricity in my house. I didn't think this thing would be such a crazy beast to operate. by the way, my shower puts out 3 GPM versus the power washer's required 1.3 GPM.

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Karcher 1.107-258.0 Pressure Washer
Karcher 1.107-258.0 Pressure Washer
  • Karcher Pressure Washers.
  • 2800 PSI Gas Pressure Washer.
  • With Qucik Connect.

Pulsar Pressure Washer PWE1800 Electric
Pulsar Pressure Washer PWE1800 Electric
Pressure Washers by Pulsar. Pulsar Pressure Washer Features - Tackle any cleaning task with a top-notch Pulsar Pressure Washer. Multiple psi options to suit your pressure washer needs. Choose from a variety of electric or gas-powered options. Multi-position wand allows you to go from pinpoint to wide spray patterns. Metal garden hose connection stronger than plastic competitor connects. Pulsar Pressure Washers - Electric & Gas - Up to 3100 PSI. For the top selection of Pulsar Tools & Tool Storage shop online today. The Pulsar Pressure Washers - Electric & Gas - Up to 3100 PSI will improve and personalize your vehicle. Pressure Washers by Pulsar - selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. Pulsar Pressure Washer for your vehicle will deliver the results you are looking for! Pulsar Pressure Washer - Tools & Tool Storage - Pressure Washers.

1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
  • 10 Amps of power emits 1.3 gallons per minute
  • Lightweight and compact design is easy to use
  • Plastic hose quick connect
  • Quick connect adjustable spray gun

Champion 76525 Gas Pressure Washer.
Champion  76525 Gas Pressure Washer.
Dependable cleaning power for ATVs RVs boats siding fences decks driveways & more. CARB approved for all 50 states.
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 29.5
  • Height: 37.4
  • Width: 20.6

  • Earthwise PW16503 1650 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
    Earthwise PW16503 1650 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
    • 1650 PSI with standard 120V power
    • 13 Amps sprays 1.4 gallons per minute
    • Operates in vertical and horizontal positions
    • Telescopic 3-position handle
    • Aluminum hose quick connect
    • Built-in wheels
    • 20ft Quick connect hose
    • Adjustable spray gun
    • Built-in detergent tank
    • No gas and no fumes

    Koblenz HL-450 2600psi Pressure Washer Red
    Koblenz HL-450 2600psi Pressure Washer Red

    It's not easy to find an electric motor with 2600 psi in the world of pressure washers. But the 2600 psi Pressure Washer from Koblenz achieves this power threshold to deliver the clean you need. The unit features an automatic shutoff 1.37 gal flow per minute a 5 m pressure hose wands wheel guns and a built-in liquid tank to help you get the job done. When heavy-duty usage is needed nothing beats the 2600 psi Pressure Washer.

    • Powerful 2600psi motor
    • 9.8ft line cable & 16.4ft high-pressure hose
    • Wheels for easy transportation
    • Spool for winding high-pressure hose
    • Automatic stop system
    • Convenient integrated accessory holder
    • Integrated accessory holder
    • Ergonomic handle for easy handling
    • 1-year warranty
    • Color: Red
    • Battery Information: Product does not require a battery
    • Includes: 2600psi Pressure Washer
    • Weight: 35.5 lbs

    Thorne Electric HL270V Electric Pressure Washer
    Thorne Electric HL270V Electric Pressure Washer

    We are dedicated to give everyone the very best houseware products for all home needs with a focus on dependability our client satisfaction and great quality. We provide high-quality modern products to be enjoyed by many clients.

    • Electric Pressure Washer

    Generac 10000007122 Speedwash 3200Psi Pressure Washer System
    Generac 10000007122 Speedwash 3200Psi Pressure Washer System

    Generacs Speed Wash residential grade pressure washers provide you with a complete washing system featuring best-in-class cleaning power. This complete cleaning system includes a family of innovative cleaning attachments to deliver better cleaning results in less time.

    • Power Dial ergonomic spray gun allows you to easily adjust the pressure needed between four different tasks - car wood concrete and soap - at your fingertips
    • Attachments included - Turbo nozzle removes dirt and grime 30 percent faster soap blaster sprays soap 3x farther and power broom for faster cleaning.
    • Generac 196cc OHV engine delivers maximum cleaning performance
    • Includes 30 feet high pressure flex hose kink resistant non-marring and 4 quick-change nozzle tips - 0 Degree 25 Degree 40 Degree and soap
    • Size - 3200 Psi