Saving Money with these Gas Saving Tips

100 gas card in the gas tankThe price of gasoline has always been up and down like a roller coaster. If you’re on a tight budget saving money at the pump can save you several dollars each time you fill-up. Those fill-ups quickly add up over a years’ time. You could save hundreds of dollars. So how can you save some money on gas? Here’s the lowdown.

Use a Carpool

This is a great idea for employees and students who happen to be going to the same place. Since all of you will have the same destination, there is no need to bring extra vehicles if you can all fit in one car or van. If you are with your co-workers, it is a good idea to bring your cars alternately or on rotation. If you have children that you bring to school or social events, exchange driving responsibilities with your friends. I used to commute over an hour to work each way. It was a sigh of relief when I was able to cut that time down in half when I found a coworker whom to share the ride with. We both saved lots’ of wear and tear on our cars and saved at least two gas fill-ups a week by ride sharing.

Public Transportation

You can always take the busing system when going to work or shopping. This is also a good way to relax since you are not driving. You can even take a short nap while on your way. The only downside to this is the long wait or if your late you will miss the bus and have to wait for the next one. Be sure to look at the route.

Gas Price Shopping

While it’s not frugal to drive around looking for cheaper gas prices, it’s best to make a mental note of whom does offer the best gas prices in town. More than often its two competing gas stations across from each other. If it’s a lone gas station if the middle of nowhere, there will surely be a few cents upcharge – so full-up earlier. Keep in mind that a few cents difference can add up to a lot if you continually have your car re-filled all the time.

For instance, if you have a 15 gallon tank and the price of gas is $2.25, the total cost is $ 33.75. If you can find a location where it is $2.20 a gallon, you will save .75 cents, it’s $2.15, and you will save $1.50. If you fill-up every week, which is $39 - $78 a year.

Car Maintenance

To save even more, maintain your vehicle with proper engine and tire care. It is necessary to keep your car's engine in good running condition so that it will not consume a lot of fuel. When driving around, plan out your route before you even get underway. This will minimize your distance. Clean oil helps keep the engine running smoothly. By keeping clean oil in the car with the recommended manufacturer’s recommendations you will keep your vehicle running at its proper MPG (Miles per Gallon).

Always check your tires for proper air pressure. Having unequal pressure can greatly affect the car's fuel economy. Think of it this way, a vehicle rolls because it has round tires and if a tire loses pressure it’s not fully round, thus inhibiting it’s true functionality and wasted fuel.

Fuel It with Sweat

It’s not the easy way, but it’s a good way to save money on gas and keep yourself fit at the same time, by walking or riding a bike to your destination.
By utilizing these gas saving tips you will surely save. Lastly, you can pre-pay for gas with Gas Cards or give them to someone else who needs the extra help.

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